The Cork Room

The Cork Room in Senoia offers an elegant and versatile environment for any occasion. Surrounded by custom-built wine racks and 1800’s style wood work, this room also offers a 42-inch flat screen TV with PC hook up. You can choose from a plated meal or we can create a special menu just for you.


Cork Room Capacity / Details:

  • 48 – 50 (8 Separate Tables)
  • 60 (Standing Room Only Cocktail Party)
  • Flat screen, Wi Fi and stereo is available for use
    Only a Maguire’s employee can adjust settings or set up outside

Cork Room Time Blocks:

  • 2.5 hour blocks only
  • There must be a 30 minute spread between bookings
  • Preferred start times are 5pm and 8pm *** These are not set in stone

Cork Room Decorating Rules:

  • No Confetti
  • No nails, tacks or duct tape to secure signs or other decorations

Other Rules

  • Any of Maguire’s items that are broken will be charged to the event contact
  • No outside food or alcohol is allowed bring in.
  • Cakes / Cup Cakes / Pies for an event is OK

Cork Room Deposits:

  • All parties require a $200 deposit to block out the Cork Room.

    We accept checks & credit cards and will not process the deposit unless they fail to cancel 7 days prior to the scheduled event date.
    We will keep all deposit details in the office safe and in the Cork Room file.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a fixed Menu?

  • For parties of 20+ = it is highly recommended
  • For parties of 30 + = Yes you will need to create a menu of up to 5 items. Unless approved by Frank Maguire.

What is a fixed menu?
Fixed menu = Between 3 & 5 menu items selected
Customized menu as created by our management team. Select one of our menu examples from the Maguire’s web site.

Is there a fee to use the room?
There is a revenue expectation for a 3 hour block of time in using the Cork Room.

  • Parties of 15 + = No Fee
  • Parties of less than 10 must be approved by Frank Maguire

Some menu options are listed below and you can give us a call at 770-727-3020 to talk to one of our managers in Senoia. You can also email us at to help coordinate your event.

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